Healthier Ways to Express Anger

Keep Relationships by Managing Emotions

Here is a brief book review on a book by an excellent author, Gary Chapman, who also wrote The Five Love Languages for couple to improve communication, understanding and their expression of another very powerful emotion.

Thank you to one lady for her reference and review:

Very good read, nicely laid out.   Especially liked how he distinguished between “distorted anger” (the angry person may have been frustrated or disappointed, but the other person may not have actually done anything wrong) and “definitive anger” (there may actually gave been a wrong committed, eg, stealing). Each chapter ends with “quick takes” and I would highly recommend it. It’s a book you can go back to for refreshers when needed.”


There are many approaches and strategies to better handle intense emotions as well as the situations that can trigger these.

Deep breathing properly and frequently is one of the amazingly simple ways yet is quite often not done or not done well. With what we like to call Box Breathing”, you will visualize a box and breathe in slowly for five seconds (up the right side), hold your breath for seven seconds (over the top of the box), exhale very slowly out your mouth (down the left side of the box) and then pause three seconds along the bottom of the imaginary box.  You can actually adjust your physiological systems, balancing your body’s energy and regain clarity of thought, relaxed muscles (especially the shoulders) and improve eating and sleeping quite significantly just by using deep breathing. Yes, it actually works, when done well, for *almost all bodies on the planet.

*challenging to do for those who suffer from a respiratory ailment/ condition

There are many other strategies to go along with this once we have learned to calm our own body well.

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