Teen Changes and Challenges


Adolescence can be a challenging and confusing time for both teens and their parents. Teens themselves are learning to negotiate increased freedoms amidst the whirlwind of changes involved. From the physical changes brought on by puberty to friendships and peer pressure to how they choose to use social media, parents strive to help these developing young people thrive.

Parents may worry about teens’:

  • defiant behaviour
  • relationships with friends / romances
  • drop in grades academic motivation
  • how to establish new roles, and curfews
  • what is a good strategy for getting chores done
  • preoccupation with appearance, body image
  • substance abuse
  • sexual activity and ways to educate true ‘safe sex’
  • general change in attitude
  • health and wellness

If you are a struggling teen or a parent who is worried about your teenager, we can help.

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