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Whether we need to discuss issues such as time spent together or apart, money, health, work concerns, children, family, intimacy, trust, parenting, or anything else, how we communicate will affect our ability to develop and maintain lasting relationships.

Here are a few ways that interfere with our ability to communicate effectively [Give us a call to enhance your communication skills]

Communication Blockers

  • Interrupting: both parties need the opportunity to say what they need to say.
  • Ignoring: Not listening to your partner makes them feel discounted and makes it more difficult to share.
  • Sarcasm: Sarcasm poisons the mood and stifles communication.
  • Insults/Name Calling: This raises hostility and shuts down sharing.
  • Globalizing: “You always do this!” or “You never do that!” Statements like this are seldom accurate.
  • Judging: Listen to each other to understand, not to condemn.
  • Stating opinion as fact: Distinguishing between your opinion and the meaning you make of a situation and the data or evidence for your opinion.
  • Mind Reading: Thinking you know what the other person is thinking or feeling and not asking or listening.
  • Advising: Problem solving without permission.

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