Grief & Loss

griefLoss can ‘look like’ many things. We normally associate loss with death and this is certainly an important loss, but there are many non-death losses as well. Examples of non-death losses included:

  • End of a relationship (marriage, dating relationship, friendship, family ties)
  • Layoff or loss of job
  • Moves (to a new house, neighbourhood or school, thereby leaving behind the familiar)
  • Illness or new medical diagnosis (loss of health and/or previous functioning)
  • Finanical loss
  • Giving up a pet

Grief encompasses one’s reactions to loss, and these reactions are unique to everyone. Despite what the media and other societal messages would have us believe, there is no ‘correct’ way to grieve. Grieving and reactions to loss are unique to every individual; some people will grieve outwardly (with tears, anger and/or other emotions), while others suffer quietly but internally.

If you are emotional, it may appear that people who don’t cry are ‘cold’, or you may wonder why they’re ‘over it’ so quickly. If you grieve internally, you may think ‘what’s wrong with me?’ or ‘Why can’t I cry?’ In fact, both responses to grief are perfectly normal.

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