Intimacy & Sexuality

Many people think of intimacy as involving sexuality and physical intimacy; however intimacy encompasses a lot more. Seven areas or spheres of intimacy include:

  1. Emotional
  2. Sexual/physical
  3. Intellectual
  4. Recreational
  5. Experiential (shared experiences of past and present)
  6. Conflict & Crisis (ways in which couples resolve conflict)
  7. Spiritual

Exploring all 7 spheres of intimacy is an important component in couple and relationship development.  Conversations about areas of intimacy must continue throughout a romance, weaving ideas and feelings like threads into the fabric of the relationship thereby strengthening the connections for each person and the overall intimacy of the couple.

The challenge with discussing intimacy is that conversations usually centre in on physical and emotional needs not being met in a romantic relationship. Counselling is designed to help couples open up conversations in a light hearted, respectful, and nonjudgmental way so that difficult topics may be discussed and improved upon. The ‘sex’ talk is made more comfortable allowing couples to feel more open to explore sexual concerns and desires, identify goals and develop effective strategies to negotiate and navigate healthy change.

If you find it difficult to be open about sexuality and intimacy it is important to get coaching with a professional licensed counsellor who is comfortable discussing all areas of intimacy, especially sexuality.

Why be more open, mindful and sensitive when discussing sexuality? Because it is the one area of intimacy that is quite possibly the most volatile; on the one hand offering the most amazing, sensuous and erotic moments possible in the context of a loving romantic relationship and, yet on the other hand, the area of intimacy with extremely heightened risks and potential for harm and destruction.

With Jeff Packer MSW & Associates Inc., we discuss this topic in a confidential, discrete and private manner.  Of course it is essential for open conversations in all areas of intimacy.  Improved communication about ideas, concerns and feelings regarding intimacy, past present and future, is very beneficial for any couple who wants to further enhance their romantic relationship.

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