Spirituality, Beliefs & Values

Photo credit: Penywise from morguefile.com

There are times when awful things happen in life which can create what is called a spiritual crisis. This type of crisis may involve

  • spiritual doubt, 
  • feelings of hopelessness,
  • aloneness, or
  • isolation

A conversation in a counselling setting can:

  • Help you clarify what a spiritual crisis
  •  Guide you to overcoming your spiritual crisis 
  • Provide you with additional resources to address your spiritual concerns.

The biggest difficulty around spiritual issues is that people do not want to talk about it. Spirituality is something we all are and how we discover it, is each individual’s journey or path. If something was so clear and so obvious, you wouldn’t need faith. That’s the beauty of spirituality. We all think about it and the vast majority from time to time will put their head on the pillow at night and wonder, “Why am I here? Who am I? Why be good? What happens when I die?” These answers won’t be in scientific textbooks, so refrain from looking at these areas for answers.

Some people find the answers to these questions through history or texts, religious affiliations, or from friends and families. At Jeff Packer MSW & Associates Inc. we also address issues and concerns related to spirituality. Through discussion, people can develop and strengthen their core values, as it is a foundation for establishing appropriate relationships.