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Stress is inevitable. In fact, a balanced amount of stress is healthy – it keeps us energized and engaged in the task(s) at hand. Stress can result from positive situations as well – weddings, birth of a child, new opportunities, etc.

Stress becomes prohibitive and unhealthy, however, when it escalates beyond a manageable level. “Manageable” stress level is different for everyone.

The Gas Tank Analogy

Think of your body as a 100 litre gas tank. If your tank is 90 litres full of stress and an 11 litre stressor is added to your life, your tank will overflow and the stress level will become unmanageable. It is important for us to keep track of the things that stress us, to limit these and effectively reduce them when and where possible.

Common large impact stressors include:

  • accidents
  • romantic break-up, separation and divorce
  • sudden deaths
  • affairs
  • lies
  • trauma
  • loss of job/financial concerns
  • disability or health issues
  • uneven work-life balance
  • loneliness and isolation
  • school work
  • job change
  • changes in family structure (e.g. new baby or pregnancy, loss of family member, divorce, child moving away from home, etc.)

All of these events can test tolerance and our ability to cope with change and stress.  To better manage stress-influenced events in your life Call us today .