“To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of because in the silence you hear truth and know the solutions,” (Deepak Chopra).

It isn’t necessarily the fear of being alone bothering us.  It may be we fear self-reflection, examining our mind and the potentiality of discovering answers or solutions stemming from the past? An unexamined self can contribute to stagnation; continuing to do the same things over and over again, yet hoping for a different outcome.

To keep this hope alive, we might fan the faith in our external environment and the people in it to change our circumstances for us. Maybe they will “see the light”, they will start to value our relationships with them, treat us better, and then our lives will be more meaningful and fulfilling.

Want a meaningful and more fulfilling life? Are you watching this holiday season go by, ensuring everyone around you is taken care of — everyone except yourself? The people around us are not primarily responsible for determining fulfillment in our lives. The choices we make every day, every hour and even every second can either distract from or add to our satisfaction and to that of the people around us.

Our lives may be “busyed” up  so long we are unclear how to refocus.  We may want help to discover the steps required to move forward.

Sometimes we do not have the space to experience solitude, as Deepak Chopra suggests. Ready to get help? Want to improve your journey? When considering change, counselling can help you identify obstacles blocking progress and help generate specific strategies to improve yourself and, subsequently, your relationships.

For some, the space of solitude might be found in counselling; the opportunity to intentionally examine yourself more fully, to explore the dynamic patterns in your relationships and to learn ways to develop healthier ones.

We hope that you do take time for yourself, as well as friends and family, over this Christmas holiday season. It may just be the best gift you’ll ever give and receive.

Heads are leaning on heads. Bodies are squished together in small seats. Eyes are closed and heads are nodding forward. When eyes are open, we see angry faces and hear people in pissed off moods… and it’s only 7am. What is the rest of our day going to look like?

There’s no doubt about it, we live in a world of hustle. Some of us work 8-12 hour days and still have to “work” on daily family tasks when we get home. When our heads hit the pillow and we finally attain a moment of silence, we begin to process all that needs to be done for the day to come). We ask ourselves; “Where did this day go?”

So I have to ask: “Is the hustle and bustle of our lives really worth it?” We are begging for a vacation because we need that escape. We are looking for new jobs and opportunities to make our lives better (or easier). We are asking ourselves; “Does life have to be this hard?”

Stressful events and life’s hiccups are inevitable; however, how we perceive and cope with these experiences make a world of difference. Balance is an essential component to consider when we make decisions in our lives. Of course, once we make these decisions (e.g. to work here or there, to commute or not, etc.), it is important to “own them”, take responsibility for the results of our decisions and be accountable for our actions.

To attain a balanced lifestyle, we must shift our thoughts from stress and worry, to positivity and action. Staying positive is difficult to do on our own; however, building a strong connection to our higher power and with friends and family can provide us with the support we need. Action may sound tiring; however, staying active prevents doubt, builds confidence, distracts us from stressful thoughts and releases endorphins or what we like to call the “happy hormones”.

Solution-focused counselling can help us train our mind into being more positive and action focused. This form of brief-therapy is future focused, goal-directed, and centers on solutions rather than problems. To attain your goals without having to feel burdened or stressed each morning, call us today!