Many people think and feel that the diagnosis of diabetes is overwhelming, a catastophe, something that is almost insurmountable. These feelings and the thoughts that flood our minds during and shortly after a diagnosis of a chronic health issue are common and quite normal. Despite all the negative press and general attitudes about diabetes and “what can happen”, diabetes is one of the few chronic health conditions that is a “life sentence”. One four year old child actually called it “Livabetes”. He said, after hearing his mother cry and seeing his father’s stoic facial expression during the drive home from hospital… “I don’t have diabetes… I have livabetes because the doctors said I’m going to live a healthy life”.

Such a condition brings people into contact with doctors, nurses, dietitians , social workers and other PWDs (people with diabetes). Learning more and more each day, week and year about health, nutrition, the mind and wellness becomes the “life” of those fighting off diabetes. Picking up the tools and strategies to combat this villain – diabetes- becomes a part of everyday life “until a cure is found”. Yes diabetes is a life sentence… pointing out the importance of enjoying health, fitness and life in general… Tell others.

There are many strategies, books and resources to help those who have diabetes and their families.

Live a Long & Healthy Life "Until a Cure is Found"

Live a Long & Healthy Life

For more information; contact the Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre or go to your local diabetes care team / clinic.