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~ Dedicated to Kareem and also Becky~

~Rest in Everlasting Peace. ~

When experiencing loss and grief, we may ask many questions yet never receive answers:

  • Why take them from us so young?
  • What could have been done to prevent this from happening? Or to help?
  • Was I not a good enough influence or foster better choices?
  • Will I get over this pain?
  • How can I be there for my family when I can barely be there for myself?
  • Is this fair?

We may toss and turn trying to find answers to these questions. We may question our faith and our reality, pondering what we truly are living for. When such tragedy strikes our families and friends, what good can come out of it?

It is very normal to have these questions, to worry, to be concerned. Feelings of helplessness, fear, anxiety, and sadness can become overwhelming. During our time of grief, coping with simple life tasks can be difficult. Take your time. Don’t rush into the hustle and bustle of life’s demands. Find comfort through loved ones who are also grieving, and accept support from those friends and others who want to extend care to you during this difficult time.

Prayer. For those who place faith in God, praying for strength, and sometimes just praying for survival can provide comfort and peace during the grieving process. When we question God’s plans, the best source to turn to is God Himself, reading time-tested and true ancient wisdom. Through prayer and scripture, we may not find the answers we are looking for, however we may find serenity, and regain our strength, hope and possibly even confidence in God’s plan for all of us.

Questions of faith and uncertainty can be addressed in counselling. Incorporating spirituality might just restore the hope that is essential to life and death.  Call us today.


What is it about smooth stones, weathered over centuries by the constant tumbling and jostling of the waves and currents, that we seem to find so attractive? As stormy and turbulent waters persistently knock randomly shaped rocks into one another, their sharp edges chip away and once jagged stones become smooth, even soft to the touch. Their vast array of colours become brilliantly displayed.  Many of us collect these beautiful stones… some collected for a later project or purpose.

Ever wonder why all the stresses and struggles in life exist? What is it that we are supposed to learn from the difficult times, frustrating moments with family, friends and colleagues? What is the reason people are hurtful toward one another, to themselves or, as is often the case, to both? Some questions seem to defy clear, unequivocal answers.

These are spiritual questions we may ponder in our quest for meaning and insight into our very existence here on earth. Other such questions, defying clear explanations from scientific inquiry, may include; “Why am I alive?”, “Who am I?”, and “What happens when I die?”.

Perhaps these questions and the struggles and storms we face in life are shaping us. As we are knocked around by the multitude, the people, elements and issues we face, maybe we too are being shaped, smoothed out and formed into something beautiful. Who knows for sure… one day we may also be collected for some great project or purpose?

Finding ways to view the knocks and struggles in life positively is an art. Cognitive shifting or restructuring can be taught, learned and practiced. Be patient. It takes time to develop this skill, a skill that can be developed more readily with constant reading/learning, collaboration and mentoring.