Additional Resources

At Jeff Packer MSW & Associates Inc., we acknowledge that each person, couple, or family will have concerns, issues, or conflicts catering to their individual needs. We use an eclectic “hybrid”system of therapeutic approaches, psychological theories, educational resources and spiritual foundations to ensure that we are effectively fostering your growth and goal attainment.

We have found that the following resources have been beneficial for:

  • clarifying issues, contributing factors and potential solutions
  • providing evidence-based insights, guidance and affirmation
  • fostering a sense of connection – data and anecdotal stories
  • learning and applying coping strategies to our current challenge or area for improvement

Please click each link below for resource

s that might compliment your therapeutic efforts:

Relationship Improvement

  • Gerard Egan’s:
  • Interpersonal Living

Marriage Repair & Enhancement

Separated/Divorced Parents




  • 7-habits-of-highly-effective-teens-9781476764665_hr

Loss & Grieving

Disordered Eating/Eating & Body Image Issues







Type 1 Diabetes



Autism Spectrum Disorder