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Professional Assessment, Counselling and Therapy for individuals, couples, families, groups and businesses – in Oshawa serving Durham Region, and globally via the internet, for over twenty-five years

You are invited to explore many opportunities to improve your life and relationships for the better. Even though we may feel stuck and like we “can’t” change, we are constantly changing. We can, with good coaching, information and support, intentionally change ourselves, our situation and our relationships. Our registered, professional therapists offer assessments, counselling, psycho-educational workshops, seminars, references and resources. Together, we work as a team to draw upon and strengthen your skills to improve yourself and your relationships with others.

Healthy, exciting and magnificent relationships are built or constructed. Our psychotherapy/counselling services help you find solutions to the personal challenges you face and strategies to reduce or eliminate obstacles blocking your path to positive change. We also help you improve and develop communication and relationship skills that are essential to attaining more satisfying relationships with the important people in your life, including yourself 🙂

We draw upon your amazing capacity to change, grow and develop. In the counselling process, you will discover new ways to enhance self awareness, improve your ability to cope with stress and to more effectively address the specific issues of concern to you. Your openness to receive help is a critical step you have already taken by searching for answers, supports and someone to help guide you.  Counselling, therapy or “life coaching” is not a “have to” or “need to”. It is a choice, a desire for change and a resource to help with healing, recovery and relationship growth.

Take that courageous first step. Reach out and we will do our best top help you with this challenging part of your journey. Contact us today!

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